Swedes and the Internet 2011 

Date: 06/01/2012

The annual Swedish report was published in swedish in November 2011 and got a lot of attention in media. The report have now been translated and published in English.

The main things that media reported about was how 50% of the children as young as three years old use the Internet, how mobile Internet now have taken of for real and Internet is used for listening to music and the Swedish service Spotify is widely spread.

Read all about it and lots more in the report.
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Svenskarna och Internet 2011 

Date: 29/11/2011

The Swedish report "Svenskarna och Internet 2011", based on data collected in 2011, have now been released in a Swedish version. There will be an english version of the report within a few weeks.
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WIP Poland 2011 Report 

Date: 04/11/2011

The Poland Internet Project released their WIP Poland 2011 Report.

Download to view report.
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.United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Next Generation Users: The Internet in Britain 2011 

Date: 27/10/2011

The Report of the 2011 Oxford Internet Survey.
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2011 Digital Future Report 

Date: 03/06/2011

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