Svenskarna och Internet 2014 

Date: 11/11/2014

Swedes and the internet is the yearly report from .SE (Internet Infrastructure Foundation) that maps change and development in internet use among the Swedish population. This is the swedish version of the report. The report is available in english as an online version on http://en.soi2014.se
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Internet use in Colombia 

Date: 30/07/2014

In this document, CINTEL, based on information provided by the MinTIC, the Digital Culture Colombia survey conducted by the Centro Nacional de Consultoría and the Techtracker survey conducted by Ipsos Napoleon Franco for the Ministry, presents an overview of the condition of use and no use of Internet in Colombia, Internet penetration in households and use by individuals, as well as aspects related to user profiles, use in entertainment, trends in content consumption and its generation among others, analyzing data that contextualize the Colombian situation in 2013.
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A Sociedade em Rede em Portugal 2014 – A Internet em Portugal 

Date: 15/04/2014

The study is produced by OberCom and dedicated to the Internet in Portugal. Data was collected in May 2013. Throughout this report there are different issues addressed, condensed into three main chapters:
- The use of the Internet
- The navigation content
- Portuguese and social networks.
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.World Internet Project

World Internet Project

World Internet Project Report 2013 

Date: 20/12/2013

The fifth edition of the World Internet Project Report, a global partnership of research institutions that compiles data on the behavior and views of Internet users and non-users worldwide.
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Swedes and the internet 2013 

Date: 19/12/2013

English version of the annual Swedish report by Olle Findahl.

Eighteen years after the the diffusion started in 1995, the internet today has an assured place in the majority of Swedes’ everyday life next to the daily newspaper, magazines, radio, books and television. Use has stabilized and become part of the daily routine.
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